We Are The Church

The church is US
It is a community of people who come together to shine a light in the darkness, to introduce the world to Jesus, who is this world’s greatest hope.
It is a community in a battle. We are ambassadors of God called to help people be reconciled to God. The church is not a place we go, it's who we are.
It needs to be said that we are a group of people who love others so well that they can’t help but see Jesus in us.
It needs to be said that we are a group of people who are so welcoming, so open handed, so future focused, so relational, and so authentic. That we changed the world.
What are we?
We're the church, the bride of Christ.
We are united, standing against one enemy whose mission is to steal, kill, and destroy.
And we are united around one mission to give people hope by bringing them into real relationships and authentic faith in Jesus.

Let everything that we say and do as a church bring glory to God.

Live onsite at 9:30AM or 11:00AM, or online at 11:00AM or replay anytime.